WordpressFrom running a simple blog to possibly uploading a top-notch e-commerce website the platform of Wordpress is used widely. More than 15% of the internet uses WordPress to run. Wordpress technology provides a friendly interface and many ranges of themes. Easiness to work with templates, plugins, and widgets, you can learn WordPress and build up a full-fledged professional career as a Wordpress developer. Take WordPress classes from IT Training Institute PlacementsAdda to grow your career.

Types of Website You can make in "Wordpress"

Business websites

eCommerce stores




Social networks

Membership sites

…pretty much anything else you can dream up.

PlacementsAdda provides WordPress training in Indore from the very beginning and with step by step guide for all the features of WordPress. In our WordPress classes, we provide working on a live project under the guidance of our developer team after completion of the WordPress course at our training institute. Our WordPress training course is specifically designed to meet all the requirements to design an e-commerce, business, forum and membership sites.


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  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhy You Choose PHP And Its Data base My-SQL
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLogic development Program
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is UI (One CSS Frame-work)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJS(J Query Development)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCMS Introduction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSetting up Web Hosting
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRegistering a Domain Name
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDownloading and Installing Word Press on your Web Space
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAdding a pre-existing site template to WordPress
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCreating and adding your own site template to WordPress
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can create different types of Templates
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSlug based
  • keyboard_arrow_rightComment Based
  • keyboard_arrow_rightId based
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can use template part content Function
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can made responsive pre-existing site template (Using Css Framework)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can create own Responsive Template
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhen and How to Upgrade WordPress
  • keyboard_arrow_rightManaging User Roles and Permissions
  • keyboard_arrow_rightManaging Spam with Askimet
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is sidebar
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can made sidebar position
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is hook
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can use Hook in Any Plugin
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDownloading and Installing plug-ins
  • keyboard_arrow_rightActivating Plug-ins
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGuide to the most useful WordPress plugins
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPlugin Depth Knowledge
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPosts vs Pages
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAdding Content to Posts & Pages
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUsing Categories
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUsing Tags
  • keyboard_arrow_rightManaging User Comments
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUploading Images
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBasic and Advanced Image Formatting
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAdding Video
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAdding Audio
  • keyboard_arrow_rightManaging the Media Library
  • keyboard_arrow_rightOverview of WordPress Multi-User (MU)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCreate Custom post using (CPT UI plugin)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCustom code
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSimple Shortcode Creation
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAttribute Shortcode
  • keyboard_arrow_rightContainer Shortcode
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWidget sidebar creation
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWidget Creation.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can use PHP in widget
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow can use widget using with shortcode
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWidget sidebar how can create in theme
  • keyboard_arrow_rightOverview of Android Resources
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCreating Resources
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAction hook
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFilter hook

3000+Our lab syllabus for c include 3000+ MCQ's according to campus

1000+1000+ Programming problems in development to meet IT sector learning Level

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