HibernateHibernate is a java framework providing some abstraction layer, programmer does not have to worry about the implementations, Hibernate does the implementations for you internally like Establishing a connection with the database, writing a query to perform CRUD operations, etc.

It is used to develop persistence logic. More precisely Hibernate is an open-source, non-invasive, light-weight java ORM(Object-relational mapping) framework to develop objects which are independent of the database software and make independent persistence logic in all JAVA, JEE.

It is special install-able software that provides an abstraction layer on one or more technologies like JDBC, Servlet, etc to simplify or reduce the complexity for the development process.

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightConfiguration file
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMapping file
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPersistent class or POJO
  • keyboard_arrow_rightClient application.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightConfiguration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSessionFactory
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSession
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTransaction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTransient object
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPersistent object
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDetached object
  • keyboard_arrow_rightsave, persist, SaveOrUpdate
  • keyboard_arrow_rightupdate, merge, delete
  • keyboard_arrow_rightload, get
  • keyboard_arrow_rightflush, evict, clear etc
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAssigned
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIncrement
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSequence
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHilo
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSeqhilo
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIdentity
  • keyboard_arrow_rightForeign
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNative
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUUID
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCustom generator
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhy Web Services
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRSS Syntax
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSOAP
  • keyboard_arrow_right<list>
  • keyboard_arrow_right<set>>
  • keyboard_arrow_right<map>>
  • keyboard_arrow_right<bag>>
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMapping array
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSorting collections
  • keyboard_arrow_rightone to one
  • keyboard_arrow_rightone to many
  • keyboard_arrow_rightmany to one
  • keyboard_arrow_rightmany to many
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUni directional
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBi directional
  • keyboard_arrow_rightExplanation on inverse and cascade attributes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFirst level Cache(Session cache)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSecond level Cache(SessionFactory cache)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightQuery level cache
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDefault connection pool
  • keyboard_arrow_rightServer supplied pool
  • keyboard_arrow_rightThird party vendor connection pool
  • keyboard_arrow_rightProgrammatic transactions with JTA
  • keyboard_arrow_rightOptimistic Concurrency control
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPessimistic Concurrency control

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