Advance JAVA

JAVA It is a class based and an object oriented language similar to C++, but with advanced and simplified features. It is Concurrent where you can execute many statements instead of sequentially executing it. Java is an Independent programming language that follows the logic of “Write once, Run anywhere”. Java has a strong memory management system. It helps in eliminating error as it checks the code during compile and runtime. We provide java training in indore which is focused to provide you exposure toward the most important applications of java.

Applications of "Advance JAVA"

Java provides GUI development through various means like Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), Swing and JavaFX. While AWT contains a number of pre-constructed components such as menu, button, list, and numerous third-party components

Applications for Android, one of the most popular mobile operating systems, are usually scripted in Java using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) or other environments.

Embedded systems, ranging from tiny chips to specialized computers, are components of larger electromechanical systems performing dedicated tasks. Several devices, such as SIM cards, blue-ray disk players, utility meters and televisions, use embedded Java technologies

Java provides support for web applications through Servlets, Struts or JSPs. The easy programming and higher security offered by the programming language has allowed a large number of government applications for health, social security, education and insurance to be based on Java.

Java also finds application in development of eCommerce web applications using open-source eCommerce platforms, such as Broadleaf.

Java is the choice of many software developers for writing applications involving scientific calculations and mathematical operations. These programs are generally considered to be fast and secure, have a higher degree of portability and low maintenance. Applications like MATLAB use Java both for interacting user interface and as part of the core system.

PlacementsAdda provide java training which is very essential and fruitful to your professional career.


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  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction to JDBC
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJDBC architecture
  • keyboard_arrow_rightjava.sql Package
  • keyboard_arrow_rightConnection, Statement, ResultSet
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPrepared Statement
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCallable Statement
  • keyboard_arrow_rightScrollable and Updatable ResultSet
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBatch Updates
  • keyboard_arrow_rightResultSetMetaData
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSimple Transaction Management
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFour Levels of JDBC drivers, their pros & cons
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFeatures of JDBC 3.0/4.0
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNeed of Server side Programming
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction to Servlets
  • keyboard_arrow_rightServlet Life Cycle
  • keyboard_arrow_rightjavax.servlet package
  • keyboard_arrow_rightServletConfig, ServletContext, ServletResponse
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSupplying initialization parameters to Servlets
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPerforming database operations in Servlets
  • keyboard_arrow_rightInclude and forward mechanisms
  • keyboard_arrow_rightApplying filters to Servlets
  • keyboard_arrow_rightjavax.servlet.http Package
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHttpServlet Life Cycle
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHttp request methods GET vs POST
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDealing with Http headers & error codes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSession Tracking, purpose
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHidden form fields, Cookies
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHttp Session, URL rewriting
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEvent listeners
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWeb application security
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDisadvantages of Servlets
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction to JSP
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJSP Life Cycle
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCreating dynamic Web content with JSP
  • keyboard_arrow_rightScripting elements
  • keyboard_arrow_rightScriptlet
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDeclaration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightExpression
  • keyboard_arrow_rightXML syntax for JSP elements
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJSP directives page, include and taglib
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJSP implicit objects
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJSP scopes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightInclude and forward mechanism
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUsing a Java bean in a JSP
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJSP Model 1 architecture
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJSP Model 2 (MVC) architecture
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCustom Tag Development
  • keyboard_arrow_rightClassic Tags, Simple Tags
  • keyboard_arrow_rightError Handling in a JSP
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJSTL
  • keyboard_arrow_rightExpression Language
  • keyboard_arrow_rightProcessing XML in a JSP

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