SpringSpring MVC is a widely used module of spring to create scalable web applications.

Spring Boot contains all the features of spring. Moreover, it enables developers to directly focus on logic instead of more effort on configuration and set up. Spring Boot is a solution to a time-consuming configuration of Spring.

Applications of "Spring"

There are many features of spring boot and yet easier than spring.

Get SpringBoot training from Placementsadda Indore and get knowledged with the implementation of all the features of spring boot.

-Spring is becoming the choice of the developer because of the production-ready environment.

-Avoid the heavy configuration of XML.

-Easy maintenance and creations of REST endpoints.

-Includes embedded Tomcat Server.

-Microservice based architecture.

-It provides many plugins to work with embedded and databases very easily

Get Spring and Spring Boot training from placementsadda best it training institute in Indore. Here we provide you live project based training on spring boot framework so that no column of your doubt is left out


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  • keyboard_arrow_rightTypes of software architectures
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSOA and Monolith Architecture
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhy Microservices
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDetailed MicroService Architecture
  • keyboard_arrow_right– App Layer
  • keyboard_arrow_right– Business Layer
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEnteprise Layer
  • keyboard_arrow_right– Infra Layer
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNeed of Spring Boot
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDifference between Spring & Spring Boot
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAdvantages with Micro Services
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNormal Spring Manual Approach
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMaven Overview
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpring Initializer
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSTS
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEclipse with STS Plugin
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUnderstanding the Spring Boot auto configuration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightH2
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDerby
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHSQL
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRedis Cache
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPostMan or Swagger Overview
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMySql
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPostGresSQL
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCrud Repository
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJPA Query Concepts
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNamedQueries
  • keyboard_arrow_rightQueryAnnotation
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAsyncResults
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPagination and Sorting
  • keyboard_arrow_rightProduction Monitoring
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHealth Check Concepts
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSecurity Measurements
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLogging Level
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPatterns Changes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRolling Logs
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMultiple Properties
  • keyboard_arrow_rightYML File
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCommand Line Runner Example
  • keyboard_arrow_rightReal time scenarios of components
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction
  • keyboard_arrow_right@Conditional Flow
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCustomize conditional annotations
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpring Boot built in conditional annotations
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightExample on Web Application
  • keyboard_arrow_rightValidatins on Web Applications
  • keyboard_arrow_rightInternalization i18n Concepts
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBasics
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBasic Authentication
  • keyboard_arrow_rightForm Based Authentication
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAuthorization
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRole Based Access Control
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAttribute Based Access Control
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLDAP Based
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSSL Security
  • keyboard_arrow_rightTLS Security
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpring JDBC
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDatabase to CSV
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpring Batch
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFlyway Database Migration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLiquid Database Migration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFlyway vs Liquid
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHikari Connection Pool
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpring Boot AOP
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpring Boot Cache
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGuava Cache integration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCaffenine Cache
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEH Cache
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMultiResourceItemReader
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpring MVC vs JAX-RS
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSprinBoot with Jersey
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJunit Integration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRest Integration Test Cases
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMicro Services Introduction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPrinciple and Characteristics
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUse cases and Benefits
  • keyboard_arrow_rightChallenges
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDesign standards
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMicro Services Communication
  • keyboard_arrow_right– Synchronous
  • keyboard_arrow_right– Asynchronous
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPitfalls
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMicro Services per JVM?
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMicro Services share the data stores?
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMicro Services Transaction boundaries
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUser Interfaces integration with Micro Services
  • keyboard_arrow_rightChallenges in Micro Services implementation
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCloud Architecture
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCloud application benefits
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSetup version control repository
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntegration with repository
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEureka Server & Eureka Client
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFeign Client
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRibbon
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCircuit Breaker Pattern
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHystrics Concepts, Hystrix Dashboard
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction to ZUUL
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDesign standards
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntegration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightApache KAFKA
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRabbitMQ
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJMS
  • keyboard_arrow_rightClient Types
  • keyboard_arrow_rightProtocol End Points
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGrant Types
  • keyboard_arrow_rightImplantation with Token Based
  • keyboard_arrow_rightJWT Tokens
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntroduction
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIntegration
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPivotal Cloud Foundry Account Setup
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHosting to Pivotal
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAWS Account Setup
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHosting to AWS
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEnabling cloud features like load balancing, security

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