SQL Placementsadda offers advanced training in DBMS/MySql. SQL Server training teaches all the transact query skills needed to create and manage database helps the user to create data and maintain it. DBMS serves as an efficient handler to balance the needs of multiple applications using the same data. DBMS support concurrent view of data and multi-user support. There are many advantages of DBMS which will attract you to get training in DBMS/Mysql like it takes less application development time.

Offers Data Integrity and security.

Uniform administration procedures for data

Provides High level protection against prohibited access to data.

Applications of "SQL/DBMS"

DBMS is widely used in banking, airlines, finance, sales, manufacturing, sectors. Some entity like universities, HR management, telecom also uses DBMS.
-For customer information, account activities, payments, deposits, loans
-It helps to manage call records, monthly bills, maintain balances
-It is used to keep customer product and sales information
-It helps to keep and manage records of reservation and schedule information.
-For management supply chain and for tracking production of items.
-Keeping Inventories status in warehouse.

Getting DBMS/MySql Training from placements adda Indore will fulfill you with the complete knowledge of MySql/DBMS with placement training and all aspect covering for IT sector requirements.


class Classes video_label Practice Lab file_copy Study Material functions Programming Problems folder_open Projects
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFile Management System And Its Drawbacks
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDatabase Management System (DBMS) and Data Models
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPhysical Data Models
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLogical Data Models
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHierarchical Data Model (HDBMS)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNetwork Data Model (NDBMS)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightRelational Data Model (RDBMS)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightObject Data Model (ODBMS)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightObject Relational Data Model (ORDBMS)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightConceptual Data Models
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEntity – Relationship (E-R) Model
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAdvantages and Drawbacks Of SQL Server Compared To Oracle And DB2
  • keyboard_arrow_rightConnecting To Server
  • keyboard_arrow_rightServer Type
  • keyboard_arrow_rightServer Name
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAuthentication Modes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSql Server Authentication Mode
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWindows Authentication Mode
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLogin and Password
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSql Server Management Studio and Tools In Management Studio
  • keyboard_arrow_rightObject Explorer
  • keyboard_arrow_rightObject Explorer Details
  • keyboard_arrow_rightQuery Editor

3000+Our lab syllabus for c include 3000+ MCQ's according to campus

1000+1000+ Programming problems in development to meet IT sector learning Level

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